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The Figure Of The Night

This song is by Soror Dolorosa and appears on the album No More Heroes (2013).

The grey surrounds conceding
A track man by your side
I think that you don't understand again
It turns to deep image
The party this could've been
When will you ever dream?
By the same type, you remember deep it's open
And you have a note inside
That will recondite our bursting

Somewhere into the dark lights of shadow
Let you see the chosen fade into grey
Must be a stormy rain

The reverie is clouding here
Tonight light, smelled it very wet, why you're here?
You showed this earth your finger

Before you approach him in some side
Just think you're more, your smile
I let my soul really turn
But I'm living hoping now
You couldn't do all those things
Well I can't fix your smile
And the sun is always there
Let's go too
And in soul I...

Flashy smile, shift on your silver hands
A thunder winter approach
Speaks very special hell
Let's make the time around

If only you'll let it to the sunset
I just think you'd want your smile
Try and help a soul in return

I'd live it
My fault, stand out to the crowd
Well you haven't been there
It may just be your time

Close to you I feel no more
I take you're right so close

It's the figure under mine
Close your eyes, I'm coming back
You used to program off the life

I feel you moving, feel you among the high
I never thought I'll try
Turn my head, not alone

Again and you're dancing in the night
And you have a charming hair
And you should throw this off the line

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