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In a Glance

This song is by Soror Dolorosa and appears on the album Blind Scenes (2011).

Dear boy kiss the swallow
Dear girl kiss the swallow
Smell this opportune odour
That flows through the air
As a relevant nightmare
Sweet presence splitting the azure
Caressing light and sky in a never ending line
Sweetness confusing the azure
Involving light and sky, in a never ending line

Blowing into your heart, be careful to the frail detail
A day exploses strongly, to lead us to the grave
To reach the next door
That speaks into our brain
To reach the next door

My girl now
Smell the swallow
Dear, dear friends... be this odour
That never lies, as this contradiction, that breaks the equilibrium of love.

Oh yeah, don't be shy
Don't be false and sad, don't bring to the others, what you don't want for you
Just feel the flowers, feel free
Just feel the flowers, feel free, to love or destroy, anybody

Kiss it... love it... fuck it
Don't break it, put it in the air
Never stop to, grab those wings
We are free of fate
Catch it in every manner, that existence allows!
Just beware until...

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