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Failing Me (Runaway)

This song is by Soraya and appears on the album Dreamer (2010).

Vrs 1
Hands are shaking, your body's cold
Your heart is beating, to a fast tempo.
The way your eyes run, give you away
You're gonna choke on, your words someday...

Would you like to try again?
You can start it with the truth, either way it's up to you,
Would you have to come to this?
Gonna put you to the test, are you gonna last?

(Run away, you go)
I keep hearing lies lies, so I'm asking Why why
You're failing me, failing me now
(Run away, you go)
Got me saying no no, just get up and go go
You're failing me, failing me now

Vrs 2
Where it's smokin', there's a fire
Nobody's leavin', without getting burned.
How can you say that, straight to my face?
It's come come back, to haunt you one day.

(Gracias a juannmic por esta letra)

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