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Holy Water Moonlight

This song is by Sopor Aeternus and appears on the album Ich Töte Mich (1994) and on the album Es Reiten Die Toten So Schnell (2003).

Undead ... and still suffering,
Always suffering.
Wooden stake, come, impale my heart ... -
Driven through this ancient heart!
Holy water, heal my wounds ... -
Everything has now changed sides;
Walking through the garden of the darkest night.

The tear of the devil shed a light upon my heart,
But unfaithful, sneaking eyes betrayed my soul ... -
Befouled the dark.
Our night is sweet, never deceptive or of treachery ... -
The cruel light in the wake of the dawn is my true enemy.
I fear my own fall ... -
The end of everything and all.

Holy water, shed a light upon my life.
Holy water, everything has now changed sides.
Your silver rays brought me back to life,
Gifted me, gave me new sight ... -
Holy water moonlight.

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