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Cornucopia D'Amour (Füllhorn Der Liebe)

This song is by Sopor Aeternus and appears on the album Have You Seen This Ghost? (2011).

I do not eat because I'm hungry,
Though... this sometimes happens too,
I only eat because I'm lonely
And I got nothing else to do.

I recently discovered it's the perfect Way to pass the Time,
I'm wolfing down all kinds of Shit,
To fill the Emptiness inside.

I tend to live on Chocolate now, for Reasons I mentioned above,
The Fridge's become my new best friend, and Food
My substitute for Love.

I do not really go for Taste,
There's no such thing as 'good or bad',
I get no joy from eating food 'cause all things taste the same...- I'm fat.

I've banned all Mirrors from my home,
I cannot bear them judging me,
I feel, I'm gaining weight each day.
I hate myself enough for three.
I do not eat because I'm hungry,
Well, yes, that sometimes happens too,
I mostly eat because I am alone,
And I've got nothing else to do.