Sophie Zelmani:All About You Lyrics

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All About You

This song is by Sophie Zelmani and appears on the album Soul (2011).

It feels my longing
to play for you
It feeds the sorrow
in it too

It re-colours the marks and
there’s so many of you
It re-colours
the love too

It all could be just about you

It sounds all alarms
to enter this room
It sounds the alarm
in my heart to

It reduces my hours
separated from you
It reduces
happiness to

Some days are all about you

It reveals my devotion
for everything blue
It reveals my devotion
for you too

It anchors my position
to admit this mood
It anchors
your roots deeper too
When all is about you

It weakens my defense
to hold it this close
It weakens other senses too

It feeds my longing
Give me a feeling

And days are all about you
Some days are all about you