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Who Will Buy?

This song is by Sophie Madeleine and appears on the album LOVE. LIFE. UKULELE. (2009).

I'm surrounded by chocolate and those trashy magazines about uninteresting people who pretend to live the dream.
And I'm bored and I am restless in this shop that's selling me.
So they've put me back on sale, now it's buy one get one free.

So who will buy?
Who will buy?
Who will buy me?

Can you assure me that you'll always adore me?
'Cause there's no money back guarantee.
It's the same old story they all look but can't afford me.
And it seems I'm always sitting slightly out of reach.

So who will buy?
Who will buy?
Who will buy me?

So won't you save me from myself here on the shelf just getting old.
Because I'm growing tired of watching everybody else get sold.
Well I can't promise you nothing 'cept a hand for you to hold,
And a body to lie next to, warm you up when you are cold.

So will you buy?
Will you buy?
Will you buy me?

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