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Stockholm City

This song is by Sons Of Thunder and appears on the album Circus Of Power (2003).

Oh, Stockholm city
You are lost but looking pretty
Oh, Stockholm city
You're not ashamed and that's a pity

Oh Stockholm city

May love knock you to the ground
To the floor
May hate die and slip out the door
Turn around and look, you're bleeding
'Cause it's not the faith, you're feeding

Stockholm city
You don't listen when God is callin'
Oh, Stockholm city
Look around your people are falling

Oh Stockholm city

God will lead you
And make you shine
God said "Stockholm I'll make you mine"
He died on the cross
To set you free
He died for this city
For you and for me

Oh Stockholm city
Jesus Christ can be your Master
Oh Stockholm city
Stop, make everything go faster

Oh Stockholm city

Revival is coming
Like a burning fire
The city's on fire
You know your desire
Let Stockholm burn
With love and passion
Walk in style
With God in fashion

Will you ever listen?
Will you ever learn?
That God is your beauty
That you can never earn
You glorious city
You can stop the fall
If you repent
And answer Gods call

Oh Stockholm city
You are lost but lookin' pretty
Oh Stockholm city
God will heal you
You're His city

Stockholm city
Gods own city

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