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Wheel of Guilt

This song is by Sons of Seasons and appears on the album Gods of Vermin (2009).

With deep trust in every word you reach out for life.
Resounding remembrance of an old existence, of a lost existence.
You've been sent by angels then you strive for decay.

Complications - it's just dislocated turbulence
Allegations - to deny what you forgot
It's just self-defence, to put meaning into dust
Start to lick your wounds and let corpses here to rot.

So you will see your father's sin
When the old man's tale's been put to rest again.

And when the Wheel of Guilt's been started
They just didn't see that a circle has begun

Like a snake biting her tail.

Confrontations - chase the dogs until you're out of breath
You're misbehaving, you dig deep into the mud.
I wonder what for you are talking about life and death
Because you're shaking, I just want it all to stop.

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