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The Piper

This song is by Sons of Seasons and appears on the album Gods of Vermin (2009).

Searching the hills afar, unbroken grounds.
Tasting the scent of vine, tongue's lullaby.

He ascended from earth's dark embrace,
Sulphuric spawn.
So he blended into man's mundane ways
And decided to wait.

Why do they say that despite all the laughter
Every man feels some sadness inside.
Don't know if it's true but I'm bound to believe it,
Taking their children into summer's night.

He took them all
His hungry soul
Their spirit's innocence.

The piper's hands
Play melodies divine.

Maybe it's time for my soul's own salvation
Even the haunted feel sadness inside
Don't know if it's true but I'm bound to receive it
Thus this pretension is unspoken right.

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