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This song is by Sons of Maxwell.

Oh no Pandora!
Look what you've done,
You've unleashed misfortune
On Everyone

An error in judgement,
I've borrowed from thieves,
And repayment is well beyond
My needs

I'm leaving tomorrow to never return
I have gambled and wagered and lost all I've earned
If they should find me with my life I'll pay
So tomorrow I will be far away

A weakness for cards
And a slave to the dice
I've been so close to winning
On too many nights.
I've tried to tell them my lucks
Bound to change
But they will not see it my way

I had a life and a job and a home
I managed to throw it away,
Nervously watching my back I must go,
The product come to see,
I have so.


Good bye Pandora,
Don't shed a tear,
They must find me
And catch me and
That may take years,
I leave you now while there's still hope
For me and that is how it must be

Tomorrow I will be far a way (x2)

The End

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