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This song is by Sons of Maxwell.

A lichor store was hit last evening
The fugutive was headed south
They're looking for a red head woman
With a red bandanna and a gold tooth in her mouth.
Witnesses say she was laughing when she called the man outside.
On her way out the door with the money from the drawer,
And a gun, she took his life.

And everybody say, "What is the world coming to,
Everybody seems to be so cruel,
The Neighborhood is not the place to feel safe,

There's a guy with a reputation
And he use to be a friend of mine,
And he's not a bad guy,
But he's always high,
And he's dealing drugs full time.
People stood around and remembered,
How we used to play in the streets,
But now they're crawling with punks
Peddling their junks and in every school yard
They will drink


Now just around the corner from my house,
There's a man who hates his life,
And he likes to shout and take things out
On his kids and on his wife
And the neighbors they all resent him
For the damage that he has done,
He's got a drug-dealing son
And a daughter on the run
But there's more where they came from


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