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Burnt Farmer

This song is by Sons Of Ishmael and appears on the album Mimsy With The Borogoves (1990).

Does it make you much more of a man by beating up on me?
It boosts your deflated ego and masks your insecurity.
Is this the way we resolve our differences - using violence to inflict pain?
If this is the common viewpoint, a world of violence will remain.

Alcohol gives you the boost you need to be the fearless fighting machine.
To protect your macho image you don't care how others feel.

Do muscles make you more of a man? Am I supposed to envy you?
It's all an act to impress the "Bettys" that you think worship you.
I saw you grab your wife by the back of the neck and drag her across the street.
To you she must remain in a position of inferiority.

We must accept ourselves the way we are and treat others equal and fair.
Compassion is hidden in macho shells but,
I know it's there.

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