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Surrender To Summer

This song is by Sonny.

It seems like I never see you.
I wonder how big the gap is between us now?
Or whose built the stronger bridge to each others heart.
Feels like mine is 2 tons of regret.
So lets drive to the water and forget everything,
Sleep near the ocean and wake up to the sun.
Your brown eyes could get lost in the sand
And I'll build you the castle you always wanted.
Though, all your phone calls and all your letters
Mean less and less to me.
I need person to person,
Eyes staring back at me
Saying "oh my gosh I can't believe it's been so long."
So take my heart in one hand,
Needle and thread in the other.
Sew it to your skin
Cause that's where I want to be.
"This is for you" I say.

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