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This song is by Sonne Hagal and appears on the album Jordansfrost (2008).

Red-hot midsummer
Torrid winds do moan
Earth of dust and crevice
Put us off to roam
No rain was falling
Since spring passed by
And this red midsummer
Turns into our decay

Through that heat
Above sand so roan
Swirls the blackbird's song
Joined by the old trees' groan
Locusts sing
In bright sunshine
And this red midsummer
Turns into our decay

Place a cross of leaves
May there be strength to grow
Let us dance this rite
Call on the help of Thorr
The wooden pole,
Wreath and midsummer prayer
Help us to avert
This imminent decay

The holy king
Beats now the king of oak
Yet burn the holy herbs
Vervain and Saint John's word
The child then the old man
Cast them into the flames
Now this red-hot midsummer
Is gifted a silver ray
Over the stone

Over the stone, the old gray stone,
Let me ponder here alone,
Through all weather we go together
Ancient stone, thou good old stone.
Of the many friends I've seen,
Thou the truest friend has been,
Some forget me, some have fled,
Some are false, and some are dead,
Changing never constant ever,
Still I find thee, dear old stone.

Standing here, thou silent stone,
What a world thou must have known!
Deeds of glory, lost to story,
Hast thou witness'd ancient stone.
Here beneath the grass, 'tis said,
Many warriors bones are laid,
Fighting for their land they fell,
None but thou can truly tell.
Secrets keeping, ever sleeping,
Dream'st thou of the past, old stone?