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Rain King

This song is by Sonic Youth and appears on the album Daydream Nation (1988).

Rain King ensures there's nowhere to go
It's jet stream, daydream, cocksure hard luck show
His lips a fountain
His daylight sparks
He's a shotgun, schoolyard, street-wise, white-hot kid
Little whipcream, phone call, breakdown, Rain King fist
His mind a countdown
His daydream sparks

I need three years to clear these thoughts
Hey, I like to say I knew one true thing
It feels like years and all I've done is fought
And not turned up anything

Little black, take roll and roll, over my bed
I'm waiting here for some reality crease
There's one big deadend in my head
And not a moment of peace

Crossfire, Rain King, with his cadillac kid
Marries every dictionary from his chain-yard bliss
His lips a fountain
His daylight sparks
He's got a shot in his kick forging the real, when
He's a steel drum, wedding ring, Pontiac door knob ten
His mind a countdown
His daylight sparks

Hung up on a speed king nation, caught up on a nail
Hanging tight with time, at least, a little while
Your sister is a beauty when she's naked, like my kid
I'm here in this world, cruel world, dreaming of a pitchfork kiss

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