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Power Shift

This song is by Sonic Syndicate and appears on the album Love and Other Disasters (2008).

I really doubt this is the right side of the force
You better grab onto some hope
'Cause you are going to need it as we go
Keep on fighting ignorance with even more ignorance
You'll see that sometimes the hand of fate must be forced

And we are under the gun
A bullet with our name on
Don't know where to run
Just see a dead end

Let's sing to the anthem of the last days
There's no turning back
Let's sing together now for the last time

There won't be any revolution
If we don't use our gift
We have to come to a conclusion:
A power shift

How many times did God fall asleep on the job?
I do find a lot of errors in his blueprints
Humanity being the biggest flaw
Like an inverted King Midas
We turn everything we touch to shit

I cannot see how my own world turned alien to me
Release me from these shackles
And I'll be the first to cross the line
Will it be different on the other side?

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