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This song is by Sonic Syndicate and appears on the album Love and Other Disasters (2008).

Every night, she stays at home, waiting for him
All she ever wanted was a fragment of his love
Every night, he goes on stage, chasing the dream
Still, he spends every surreal second thinking of her

I know we used to have it all figured out
Can't blame you for feeling deserted and alone
And I know I promised you a lot of things
But I can no longer

All of my life, I've been waiting for someone like you
To fill the void inside of me
Even if there's ten thousand miles between us
You'll always be the one closest to my heart

I managed to bolster the defense of my heart
A bit too dense, a bit too strong for my own good
But you saw the small glitch in the solid ice wall
And somehow, you scaled it up and made your way in

Don't you see, this is not the reckoning
Or the undoing of all we built up

I'll write it into lyrics
'Cause I couldn't put it into words
It ruined a lot for me
Never meant to... to hurt you
Never meant to cause you any pain
But we both know how the story goes

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