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Dead Planet

This song is by Sonic Syndicate and appears on the album Love and Other Disasters (2008).

A million laps around the sun
And mankind ruined it all in a matter of centuries
Good job; one to zero to humanity
What's up with the vanity?
What do we actually have to prove
To remove our insanity?
How many miles of ice have to
Melt before we show some sanity?
Hear me out...

When all the wonders of the world
Are gone, razed and destroyed,
There will be no time to ask why
It all came to this
We can almost hear the glaciers
Breaking day and night
Still, we don't do a damn thing
And I just can't see why

Welcome to the last days of the earth
Welcome, everything is too late now
Welcome, was it really worth it in the end?
Welcome to the end of the world

The very last tick of this planet
Still, we don't realize
That all of us will pay the price
No such thing as "the luxury to think twice"
God may be a kid with an ant farm
And we made him shake the box
Why wasn't to save the world
On top of everyone's to-do list?

When the power of love
Overcomes the love of power
The world will finally
Come to peace

Take a breath-make it deep
It could be the last we'll ever make
But keep in mind:
We brought this one on ourselves

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