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This song is by Sonic Syndicate and appears on the album Love and Other Disasters (2008).

I used to be someone
But I grew to be something that I'm not
It feels like I'm cornered
By everything that you really want
Why are we here in this same old room...?

We stand here with damaged hope
But still, we carry on
We both know and always will
It cannot end like this
We still have a long way to go

It is kind of hard
To look back on all the good times
And realize nothing
Will ever be like it used to be

I wish you were someone I can only disengage
You opened a lot of doors in me, but just closed a few
You're both the poison and the antidote
Is my best not good enough for you?

They didn't build Rome in a day
We just need to ride out this storm

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