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Compilation by various artists.
  1. Deeper by Alexz Johnson
  2. Ultraviolet by Luke McMaster
  3. Perfect by Valerie Poxeitner
  4. 2 A.M. by Alexz Johnson
  5. Live Like Music by Kyle Riabko
  6. The Music by Damhnait Doyle
  7. Pavement by Cassie Steele
  8. Remind Yourself by Tyler Kyte
  9. Ghost of Mine by Cory Lee
  10. Higher Ground by Alexz Johnson
  11. Here We Go Again by Katia Zuccarellis and Luke McMaster
  12. I Still Love You by Damhnait Doyle
  13. Song for Amanda by Kyle Riabko
  14. That Was Us by Alexz Johnson

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