Sondre Lerche:Ricochet Lyrics

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This song is by Sondre Lerche and appears on the album Sondre Lerche (2011).

Wouldn't be nice if we were close
Or pretending that the war could kill the ghost
Maybe I could operate
But I'm done that's not breakin' news
You cannot turn the volume down as you choose
somewhere in the house across the sea maybe in a distant memory
Now and then you reappear out of nowhere
Like some ricochet, now you wait against the curtain

...underneath the sea
... spite my memory
Hard to make believe nothing means anything to me.

We .. in the patria
Un a tattooed thrown with a broken hearth
Follow home..
You have to demand your rights but you'll never win if you try.

But in some corridor flickers a poor stubborn ..
I can put it all or burn it down
Can I turn this shepherd ..
Almost empty ...
Hard to make believe nothing means anything to me.

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