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​Dial Away

This song is by Sondre Lerche and appears on the single You Know So Well (2001).

I try to make sense of your words
I try to read between the lines
But I conclude another day's search without you
An endless dial away

If it's my presence you desire
It's not these dots that you require
If it's the pain of living alone, I love you
A meaningless dial away

You're just too perfect to be true
And I can't stnad talking to you
If it's too late, well maybe I'll call
If you're there
An empty dial away

I wish that we could all know
Better than now so we wouldn't so dumb
And I wish something would happen soon
So we'd avoid such embarrassing calls
How about if I told "hmmm... frankly"
How about if you said "this calls for some action,
Come let's go"

I understand that I'm the one
Who should call you up and sound like fun
Maybe I'll get you, maybe I won't
But just know
I'm no more than a dial away

Written by:

Sondre Lerche