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Two Minds, One Soul

This song is by Sonata Arctica and appears on the album Reckoning Night (2004).

This song is a cover of "Two Minds One Soul" by Vanishing Point.
I feel emotions are denied
I hide through day to welcome night
Just to get away from you
Is it me that you've deceived
Now you drown in make believe
I'm so far away from you

I know you can't see my face
I know you won't change
The way your outlook is to life
The way you tend to speak my mind
Many words I could describe
You'll never know

I won't change
Won't listen to those empty words again
Past is shadows, covered cold
Such indecision you have two
Minds in one soul

I could not see the shades of light
You gave into the empty lies
You could never face the truth

Blind before the facts you've known
The picture now has turned to stone
You have two minds in one soul

Written by:

Silvio Massaro, Tom Vucur, Chris Porcianko, Joe Del Mastro & Jack Lukic

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