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Phantom Song

This song is by Son Of The Velvet Rat.

A scorpio by my side
A black sign moving
Black are his eyes
Black must be his soul
Black as a martyr's face
Color of coal
Somebody smoked my paper-wings
So I must fall

A phantom in my bed-I'm not afraid
A ghost to guide me home-I'm not afraid
Two hands to hide my face-I'm not afraid
Now that I know my sign
I'm not afraid at all

A phantom in my bed
No cross at hand
But hope to give away
And charms to trade
And in return he makes
The colors fade
And brings back beauty
Long ago mislaid

The promises I broke were promises he made
I'm not to blame and so I'm not afraid
To fall and hit the ground-I'm not afraid
To wake up from this dream
I'm not afraid to fall

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