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What Hurts The Most

This song is by Sometimes Never and appears on the album Atmosphere (2003).

I remember last December when you cared
We'd sit by the fire bathed in desire and the love we shared
I memorized every inch of your skin so I can see you in dreams
But that's all I have to hold on to since we've gone our separate ways

I can't take it anymore
I used to think I had it all
Till I found you
Till I found you
I never knew
Till it was through

When you left, you took my breath, and all that I had to give
You left me stripped, still I can't move, can't let go and live
In my mind your picture is painted, and leaves my thoughts tainted, feels like sand in my eyes
If I could only learn to live with the pain and regrets of being without you

What hurts the most is knowing that you've never looked back to see if I was still breathing

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