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Skin On Skin

This song is by Sometimes Never and appears on the album Atmosphere (2003).

Here we stand the thin line
Trying to enjoy this time
I hope you keep on balancing
So you don't slip and fall in
Still we're dancing hand in hand
Watching the hourglasses' sand
How much longer can we last
Before you start to feel it

I won't open up and swallow but I'll taste
You can't stay here till tomorrow, just today

You can call it what you wish
But it's merely skin on skin
Though it feels like we're floating
It's just an illusion
We're both winning at this game
'Cause we love to play pretend
Tell me how you love me so
Then we'll laugh about it

Here it goes, you start to slip
Try to reach but in too deep
I turn around and walk away
As your screaming for me
'Cause I won't let you pull me in
And I won't let these feelings win
I hoped it wouldn't end this way
But you were infected

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