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This song is by Sometimes Never and appears on the album Atmosphere (2003).

I remember innocence
Like it was yesterday
Like it might come back to tomorrow
I remember being so small
Nothing mattered at all
The years seemed to last forever
If only growing old was just a dream

I am awake
Till the silence comes and peacefully I sleep

I remember mom and dad
And all the good times we had
The way I felt protected from all harm
I remember knowing it all
Feeling so in control
I thought that nothing ever could go wrong
If only growing old was just a dream

Days go by
The foundation is cracking
Days go by
What was strong is now lacking
Days go by

I am awake
I am awake
I had hoped I was living in a bad dream
I'd wake up to the world I once knew existed
If only I could shut my eyes and fall asleep
Control my dreams and put myself where pain is nonexistent

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