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​All I Do

This song is by Something For The People.

Aight now roll the track
Ugh yeah
Kick it, stick
Ugh snare

It doesn't matter, what time of the day
Ask me what I'm thinking about and it's you that I'm gonna say
Twenty-four seven, fifty-two, three sixty-five
Just wanted you to know how you stay on my mind

(Chorus) [words in parenthesis vary chorus to chorus]
All I do is think of you honey you stay on my mind (Every day, every night, yeah...)
All I do is speak of you honey you stay on my mind (I can't keep it to myself, no)
All I do is dream of you honey you stay on my mind (Dreams of you everynight, yeah..)
All I do is think of you baby all the time (All the time, all the time...)

You've got something special worthy of my love
And I don't wanna let go, just keep on holdin' on
Oh you got me going, thoughts of me and you
And I can't help but talk about all the sexy things you do

(And it won't stop) The kissin' and the lovin'
The things you do to me you keep me satisfied
(And it don't stop) Let me give you my lovin'
Let me show you how much that I think about you every night

Now now now
I gotta admit you got me trippin' alittle bit
Cause last week I caught you 6 times in one day
I was like damn, baby got me open alittle somethin' somethin'
But that's good cause you got a waiste like a wasp
And an ass like a hoss
Feels so good, got a nigga calling you the boss
To the end to the floor of my bed
That's right
Shit is tight like a man sittin' on dubbs
That's what it was and that's what it's gonna be
You know that I'm your freak
Call me up any time of the week
Before so I could come over there and put it down like a nigga supposed to
Yeah yeah that's what I'm talkin' bout

Repeat 2x's

All I do is think of you honey you stay on my mind