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Colors Of Insomnia

This song is by Somerset and appears on the album This Thought Process (2003).

I want to live my life,
But I'm learning more and more,
That my whole world's a lie,
Problem, made for its solution,
To take away more rights,
Engineer a war to breed you power,
I cannot deny the existence,
I will not subside need for justice,
Liar, he's all gunfire,
In deception,
Sugar-coated lie,
All in the crossfire,
Just how they want us,
Puppet strung on lies,
And now the truth is a stranger in our eyes,
Rape me and my conviction,
Sedate me more and more,
So I won't see the shores,
Take what you were not given,
From those you could not scare,
World police for peace or global conquest?
The men, they love to watch them drown,
And their next stop is your home town,
Won't you save your sons?

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