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Motherless Child

This song is by Somersault and appears on the album Paper Walls (2006).

I see you're getting harder on you
Than anybody else in the world ever could
I'm part of your heart though you don't wanna know
How to hold me - Like a motherless child

I've tried to get in touch with the world in you
And hope to find a piece of myself to renew
I know you gonna try to pay all of my dues
And therefore I will always love you - Like a motherless child

So come down with love and shame
And look in the home of your deepest blame
So hidden
But whenever I'm going to renew
I find a part of my story in you
So come on through - I'm with you
Then I'm coming through with you

I see I'm getting harder on me
Than anybody else in the world ever did
You know I'm gonna try to pay all of your dues
And therefore you will always love me
My Motherless Child

No matter where you are
Or what you've been
There is love between - everything

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