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​Lean On The Stars

This song is by Somersault and appears on the album By Your Side (2003).

Deep down in the country any-
Where in Middle East
They found her in the dusty road
A crying Britney's Beast

Loaded her in their trailer
Towed with a strap or two
And with her nervous nervous break down
They brought her to the zoo

Hush Baby, hush Baby why do you cry
Rush! Maybe! Rush! Maybe - holding your smile

You can lean on the stars
You can keep it up so far
But have you ever met the stranger in yourself?

You try to please me all the time
Don't get me wrong - Maybe you're fine
But you can't touch me without the stranger in yourself

She joined there her companions - A stitched
Smile on her pretty face
It only took one little hour
While she was dancing with the Apes

All the famous Zoo Vets tried to heal her
From the "Smily Happy" disease
I think the Big Five should train her heavy
Till she is weeping for release