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If You Dare

This song is by Somersault and appears on the album By Your Side (2003).

Dear Penny you seem like a girl of my dream
Well adjusted fourteen wrapped herself in this gleam
You're melting the snow - something covers your smile
Come on and be daddy's girl for a little while

I know if you could see her
Your eyes wouldn't die
I know you can't see her

If you dare to blame her
Just beware what you say
Don't you dare to look down on her
You don't even know her name

Penny, can you feel the sun on your cheek
Beside or beneath, switch when you're getting weak
You're tasting the rain on a summer night's fall
When you're leaving your mates with nothing at all

I know you can't see her
I know you can't feel her
You don't know her name

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