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​We Can Win Missouri!

This song is by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and appears on the EP Gwyn and Grace EP (2004).

Found your pictures
Mailed them to your mother
Got high with your brother
Ran into your dad

Melting wax face lotion
We drove down to the ocean
Chipped your tooth on bottle
That made me feel sad

I want you, girl
In my plans
All you do is call your friends

Cut the length on sinew
The yellow ribbon down in you
It's not as if I meant to
It still made me feel bad

Girl I want you
In my plays
You just wanna be with your friends

So now he change up
Now he gotta go
Now he hit the record on his way to the floor

Yeah, Daniel raise up
He say he gotta go
Daniel hit the record on the way to the floor

He said he had enough of the worry
Enough hesitation
Now you gotta go