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Total Meltdown

This song is by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and appears on the album The High Country (2015).

We rushed in, we clashed in
The smartest girl you will ever believe
And love's so good I kinda know
I'm the luckiest boy you'll ever meet
They got my back, they got my friends
And that is all new underneath
You got the skill and you got this movement
And that is all you will ever need
And I'm not afraid

And even if I go down Peter in the end
I could have melted in a minute and
Give up a scoop from the way I feel
Then come around, girl, this is clear
You, come, I'm not afraid

You touched God, it's getting sin
You been barked here as a stranger
Retain wits, your wisdom
Risk church all of your accomplishments
This time we're saying, this time we're meeting
It's time for all to turn into freaks
We know we want it, we wanna know it
We're wanted boys, every inch
And I'm not afraid

(Aw shit)

I'm not afraid