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​Nightwater Girlfriend

This song is by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and appears on the album Fly By Wire (2013).

Her lips are lightning
She's the nightwater queen
My satisfaction grows
I cross my t's
She could make me so Lovestoned

Don't turn your power on me
I'm not ready for defeat
I went crazy for a week
I'm not crazy but I can't sleep

Nightwater girlfriend
Diving in the lake with your bad friends
Take me there tonight
Don't turn your power on me

Tell me about your boyfriend
Did he ever swim to the end?
And did your dad get mad at 3am?
Did he ask you where we've been?
Say no

Nightwater girlfriend
Getting high in the backseat
Never change, never let them win
Don't turn your power on me

Only you can make me glow
Satisfaction, all I know
Nightwater girl, I'm sold
Opportunities, only gold

Diving down deep for your heart again
Diving so deep, don't bend