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​My Terrible Personality

This song is by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and appears on the album Let It Sway (2010).

Yeah you gotta look at me because
I'm staring equally
Gotta lose focus, blur everything else
And when we have a baby
Obsessed with death and grief
I can't believe you haven't killed me yet

Its gotta hurt to see somebody dumb like me
You think you want her more but she wants me
What do you want to hear?
What are we doing here?
Where did our magic disappear so fast?

It's not that bad, No it's not that bad

Make fire with my eyes,
Potatoes turn to fries
Ain't got no reason tell lies
And on our wedding day I want to hear you say
Everything is going to be okay for now

No it's not like that No it's not that bad

Talking to myself,
The bottles on the shelf
I can't tell what's happening
Then it slides off of me
My thoughts are clear
I feel weightless coming down from the clouds