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​Coming Through

This song is by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and appears on the album Tape Club (2011).

So is this the way we go down?
In a ball of sound?
We never heard it comin' as it made it's attack from above

Hear the revelation now
(What a lonely sound)
It's signifyin' nothin' but it's freakin' me out
Where is the love?

When I was boxed in, baby, my heart was in it
Keepin' the beat but I would never present it

So now was there ever a doubt
In your lovely mind
We would fail to find our little corner of the world?

Lately I am all washed out
And a step behind
Will I fail to find the dash to do the thing I should?

You had me boxed in, baby, my heart was in it
Keepin' the flame but first I had to invent it
I won't lie and say it was all wasted time
But don't waste my time

Wake up the medics and put me in the shade
I got nowhere to go and nothing to trade
Break out the glitter, the shit that I hate
It's been sometime comin', but long as I've stayed

I can't be myself around you
We don't like the same things, too
Don't pretend this all astounds you
Out of my way I'm comin' through