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This song is by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and appears on the album Let It Sway (2010).

Maybe what's mine will be revealed in time no good for me
And maybe what hides would not be so kind to my symmetry
But the cold, damp light that shines on me tonight shoots painfully
In through the core of a boy no more rescinded
Standin' straight and tall
I'm not bended
Not for a while
I'm not bended
Not by a mile

Gonna work my way through the grass, get there faster than
You and me made it
Been waitin' on a call
All's well that ends
Pick it up and shake it
Stay real
And safe
And save it for someone with a kind word on his tongue
And then in good time
We'll throw sparkle at the shine
And sing faithfully into the void
I'm the boy you once defended
Standing on my own
But not bended
Not by a mile
I'm not bended
Not for a while

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