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​Banned (By The Man)

This song is by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and appears on the album Let It Sway (2010).

They'll say my son
How come you never called?
It's easy 'nough
So move up and get on with your life
Don't stall
Just come down off the wall
And leave behind the corrections

She'll say unto the forces that surround her
Don't get blue and leap into a fire of coke and hash
Some elemental trash
And leave behind the directions

How many days will it take till you know the plan?
And how many suns will pass before you understand?
You were banned by the man

They'll say my son
How come you never call?
It's easy 'nough
You'll feel a little taller

Time cuts slow
But you'll miss it, now
You'll know it's me
And mine when I make you