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All Hail Dracula!

This song is by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and appears on the album Let It Sway (2010).

I really think we could be friends
I'll let you suck my blood if you want to know how I taste

Blood is your nighttime juice and you can't help it
I'll do your evil bidding if you want me to, so...

I'll never need another friend
I'm never breaking up again
Unless you need another fan
I'm never breaking up again

Everyone is out tonight
I just want to be back home
You're hiding from the light
But do you want to be alone?

You can do anything you want to me
But I can read your thoughts
They're always kill, kill
Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill

All hail Dracula! You always know what I need
You'll torture anyone if they're having more fun than me

Wasn't we off our rockers then?
What were we thinking heading in?
We're never gonna be like them
I'm never breaking up again

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