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Anyone Can Be (A Porn Star)

This song is by Solstice Coil and appears on the album A Prescription for Paper Cuts (2005).

Sometimes I feel
My only duty in this world
Is passing organic objects
Straight into the sea
Sometimes, I fill myself
With lead

Climb the highest Mountain (anyone can be)
Breach into divineness (anyone can be)
Search for me in silence (what is that I see?)
I have struck gold.

These wires, they go straight into your brain
Information so futile and delicious
I can no longer be
A part of this, Atomization

Drive the fastest car (as long as you feel free)
Drive yourself with luxury (bleed a silver stream)
Break me into pieces (I've completely missed)
Chances are
You're not so far
From becoming what you loathe

You cannot see the foot prints
That you leave behind
In the muddy path
As you are constantly
Looking forward
You never seem to grasp
The error
Of our way

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