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I Almost Lost My Mind (1964)Edit

Solomon Burke - I Almost Lost My Mind

I Almost Lost My Mind

  1. I Almost Lost My Mind
  2. Down In the Valley
  3. Beautiful Brown Eyes
  4. You're Good for Me
  5. Home In your Heart
  6. Can't Nobody Love You
  7. Keep the Magic Working
  8. Cry to Me
  9. Words
  10. How Many Times

King Solomon (1968)Edit

Solomon Burke - King Solomon

King Solomon

  1. It's Been a Change
  2. Take Me (Just as I Am)
  3. Time Is a Thief
  4. Keep a Light in the Window
  5. Baby, Come on Home
  6. Detroit City
  7. Someone Is Watching
  8. Party People
  9. When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)
  10. Woman, How Do You Make Me Love You Like I Do
  11. It's Just a Matter of Time
  12. Presents for Christmas

I Wish I Knew (1968)Edit

Solomon Burke - I Wish I Knew

I Wish I Knew

  1. I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel to Be Free)
  2. Get Out of My Life Woman
  3. Meet Me in Church
  4. By the Time I Get to Phoenix
  5. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
  6. What I'd Say
  7. Since I Met You Baby
  8. Save It
  9. Shame On Me
  10. Why, Why, Why

Cry to Me (1984)Edit

Solomon Burke - Cry to Me

Cry to Me

  1. Be Bop Grandma
  2. Just Out of Reach
  3. Cry to Me
  4. Down in the Valley
  5. I'm Hanging up My Heart for You
  6. Stupidity
  7. Can't Nobody Love You
  8. If You Need Me
  9. Won't You Give Me One More Chance
  10. You're Good for Me
  11. Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)
  12. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
  13. Yes I Do
  14. The Price
  15. Got to Get You off My Mind
  16. Maggie's Farm

Soul of the Blues (1993)Edit

Solomon Burke - Soul of the Blues

Soul of the Blues

  1. My Babe
  2. Good Rockin' Tonight
  3. Sufferin' Mind
  4. Letter from My Darling
  5. Don't Deceive Me
  6. Candy
  7. Crawded Hole
  8. Along About Midnight
  9. Pledging My Love
  10. Lonesome Highway
  11. Street Walking Woman
  12. No Nights By Myself

Don't Give Up on Me (2002)Edit

Solomon Burke - Don't Give Up on Me

Don't Give Up on Me

  1. Don't Give Up on Me
  2. Fast Train
  3. Diamond in Your Mind
  4. Flesh and Blood
  5. Soul Searchin'
  6. Only a Dream
  7. The Judgement
  8. Stepchild
  9. The Other Side of the Coin
  10. None of Us Are Free
  11. Sit This One Out

Make Do With What You Got (2005)Edit

Solomon Burke - Make Do With What You Got

Make Do With What You Got

  1. I Need Your Love in My Life
  2. What Good Am I?
  3. It Makes No Difference
  4. Let Somebody Love Me
  5. After All These Years
  6. Fading Footsteps
  7. At the Crossroads
  8. I Got the Blues
  9. Make Do With What You Got
  10. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul

Nashville (2006)Edit

Solomon Burke - Nashville


  1. That's How I Got to Memphis
  2. Seems Like You're Gonna Take Me Back
  3. Tomorrow Is Forever
  4. Ain't Got You
  5. Valley of Tears
  6. Honey Where's the Money Gone
  7. Atta Way to Go
  8. Millionaire
  9. Up to the Mountain
  10. Does My Ring Burn Your Finger
  11. Vicious Circle
  12. We're Gonna Hold On
  13. You're the Kind of Trouble]
  14. 'Til I Get It Right

Like a Fire (2008)Edit

Solomon Burke - Like a Fire

Like a Fire

  1. Like a Fire
  2. We Don't Need It
  3. The Fall
  4. A Minute to Rest and a Second to Pray
  5. Ain't That Something
  6. What Makes Me Think I Was Right
  7. Understanding
  8. You and Me
  9. Thank You
  10. If I Give My Heart to You

Nothing's Impossible (2010)Edit

Solomon Burke - Nothing's Impossible

Nothing's Impossible

  1. Oh What a Feeling
  2. Everything About You
  3. Dreams
  4. Nothing's Impossible
  5. It Must Be Love
  6. You Needed Me
  7. Say You Love Me Too
  8. You're Not Alone
  9. New Company
  10. When You're Not Here
  11. The Error of My Ways
  12. I'm Leavin'

Other SongsEdit

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  1. All For The Love Of Sunshine
  2. I Want Jesus To Walk With Me
  3. It's All Right
  4. More
  5. Peace In The Valley
  6. Please Come Back Home To Me
  7. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
  8. Proud Mary
  9. These Arms Of Mine
  10. Tonight's The Night
  11. Twelve Gates To The City
  12. What'd I Say
  13. When A Man Loves A Woman

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b.1940, d.2010

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Solomon Burke is a performance name for James Solomon McDonald.

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1955 - 2010

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