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Eternal (Dreams Pt II)

This song is by Solitude Aeturnus and appears on the album Through the Darkest Hour (1994).

Somewhere a shadow I shall be
Existing inside eternity
Finding there my every move

A world without a need for time
Forever I walk where others hide
A burning thirst I feel inside
Strike me down-my soul to fly

The infinite wasteland
Immortality's great demand

Alone in desperate salvation
A vision in ghostly dreams
Unknown to light or darkness
I possess the void in between

Can memories replace my existence
Does it matter in the end?
Which eternal path we've taken
Be it truth, deception, pain or fear

(This song is part II of the "Dreams" trilogy. It explores the darker side of)
(Immortality and even asks whether it is ultimately desirable. To live forever is)
(To have no hopes or dreams, nothing more to be gained, only endless)