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Loki Trickster God

This song is by Solefald and appears on the album Black For Death - An Icelandic Odyssey Part 2 (2006).

Seven years of pain for one night of joy
Loki tricked the lovers with a vicious ploy
He spoke to the queen in his softest voice
Told her he would give her the following choice:

Either you were raped by the skald of the king
- Death upon the man who would do you such a thing! -
Or you cheated on your husband, striking him down -
Both you and your poet will be sentenced to drown!

The queen was all tears, feared for he life,
'Outlaw the skald, surrender him to strife,
But save our skin, no one should die for love!'
Loki stared at the queen with want in his eyes

Thought 'A god born of giants, I lust for the queen!
I'll make sure this time there's no poet in between!'
Said 'From this day and onward let Loki be the one,
Your god and your beast, your father and your son,

Cherish me with kisses and honour me with pleasure,
Give in to me, and I'll protect you as my treasure!
But if you reveal who I am, or disclose what I have said,
Both the skald and you will sink to the abyss of the dead!

Garm the Dog of Hel will eat your heart and liver,
Even when cold, you'll tremble and shiver
For the rotten goddess and her hungry beast
Unless you join Loki the Trickster's nightly feast!'

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