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Punk Rocker Princess

This song is by Sofie.

Hey hey!
Saw you at the movies
Chillin' with that girl
Kissin' that girl
Did you see me?
I was shaking my head
Knowing you should have picked me!

How can you like a prep like that?
Sticking pompoms in your face?
Wearing pink all the time?
She sucks! She doesn't even listen to cool music!

[Bridge]: What can I do to make you see?
You are the perfect guy for me!
Not for that attentioned starved brat!

[CHORUS]: Can I be your...
Punk rocker princess??
I'd do all I can for you!
If only I could wear your chain! (ooh that would be wicked awesome!)
We can talk about preppies
And wannabies
And watch freaky movies
I'd even listen to your music!
Even though I already do...
Can I be your punk rocker princess??

That girl
She's not the one for you
I am
Can't you see?
She likes cheerleading, bubble gum and pop music
That sucks!
Why don't you go for someone
A little more like me??
Perhaps, someone who is me??
We can wear chains, listen to semi-punk music! watch freaky movies!
If I were with you
Every girl would wanna BE me!
Can't you see?
With sugar
And ice cream
And candy
And a cherry on top (Ooh... I don't mean it that way!)
Could I Be your punk rocker princess?

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