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An Eye For An Eye

This song is by Sodom and appears on the album Better Off Dead (1990) and on the live album Marooned: Live (1994).

Listen up god, if you really exist
For many years I've been asking you why
Why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive?
Where is justice? Where is punishment
Something big is brewing
You can see it in my eyes
They burn with a beastly hatred
That will be realized
Why are the innocent dead
Come on god, answer me
Why are the guilty alive
Don't want to be deceived
They think they are above the law
They are trying to break my spine
Where is justice, where is punishment
Where is the human line
An eye for an eye Inveterate despite
An eye for an eye A one man war on crime
As I began to talk to god
I've even lost my mind
I only want to know one thing
What I've done, was it wrong or right?
A loving husband, devoted father
'Til the day the mob opened fire
Retaliation and vindictiveness
His only mission and ardent desire

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