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Echo Park

This song is by Society's Parasites.

Let me take you to ExP where the ugly is known to roam
The rat infested and defected is what we call our home
We're surrounded by old violence and gang infested hoods
Down at the Tank you know that you'll always have a home
It ain't no misforture, so make no commotion
Junkies, homeless and prostitutes are not hated, they're known
Can you feel the violence, the love fear and hate?
We're looking for tomorrow, but is there any fate?

Ch: I'll take you by the hand and walk you through our dashing broken homes
The locals they all know ExP is where we keep our throne
Neglections, Misconceptions make ExP our home
Corruption, self-destruction make ExP our home
Friends and enemies make ExP our home...


Written by:

Buzz Clifford

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