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We Vibrate, We Do

This song is by So Many Dynamos and appears on the album Flashlights (2006).

When we get together, we vibrate together.
We vibrate, we vibrate, we vibrate, we do.
And everybody vibrates, we tremble and gyrate.
Oh! I see the sound, I see the waves,
I see the buildings tumbling,
Foundations rumbling.
Speakers are numbering down
So everybody knows what happens
When we get, when we get together.
We vibrate together, we vibrate, we do.
We vibrate, we do.

Hands over your ears,
When we vibrate mountains disappear.
Hands over your ears,
Build monuments for things that once were here.

I don't want you to hear what you're about to hear, so cover your ears.

Said the metal to the magnet,
Said the magnet to the wire.
Said the wire to the speaker,
But the speaker was on fire.
Said the fire to the drums to the brain,
With our hands over our ears we sang,
"Vibrate! Vibrate! Vibrate!"

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