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The Novelty Of Haunting

This song is by So Many Dynamos and appears on the album The Loud Wars (2009).

The last thing I remember1
The car was falling straight into the lake.
Crashed into the surface.2
The airbags suffocated me and I
Woke up in the morning
And it felt just like a dream.
Shutting off without a purpose
Cutting to a different scene

I jumped out of the shower
Put on the clothes I'd just had on before.
Stood still for a moment.
I toweled off and noticed when I

Looked at my reflection
That I looked just like a ghost.
I was pale, I was translucent.
I was cool and decomposed.

I think your demons need some exorcise.

It's been over a year now.
The novelty of haunting has worn off.
It was cool for a while.
My funeral was decent and I
Want to see my friends now
But I don't want to be a creep.
Floating silent in the corner
With their bodies fast asleep.3

It's all sort of confusing.
I don't know what to do with my dead self.
Waiting for an afterlife
But I don't think it's happening and I
Wish my soul could end up
Where my body now resides.
Miles down into the soil
With a ribcage full of flies.

I think your demons need some exorcise4

(Note: The following is in the liner notes and is included as such)

1 Most lyrics for "Novelty of Haunting" written in the smoking room at Gateway Medical Research in St. Charles, Missouri.
2 Lyrics about car crash written several weeks before So Many Dynamos' van flipped over on Interstate 80 near Beaver Crossing, Nebraska on the way home from initial tracking sessions for this record. Any resemblance (sic) to actual events is purely coincidental.
3 Acoustic guitar string cutting sound by Clayton Kunstel.
4 Portions of "The Novelty of Haunting" contain melodies from the So Many Dynamos song "Inventing Gears" performed backwards.

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